Emily Guise



Bike Loud PDX


Art Direction

Graphic Design



January 2020

Bike Loud PDX is an all-volunteer advocacy group whose mission is to make Portland better through bikes. After five years, they wanted an updated look. I created a new logo to reflect their bold, loud, and bike-centered mission.

Initial sketches for the logo. I wanted it to be eye-catching, with bold shapes and a strong type treatment.

The first round of logo concepts were text heavy and mostly abstract, which the client didn’t feel was right for the organization. They asked me to go back and be more literal, including a more recognizable bike and something that conveyed the idea of ‘loud’.

Taking one of the intial logo concepts as inspiration, I felt that a megaphone would be the perfect way to represent ‘loud’. I played around with many different ways to incorporate a bike, and after looking at some simple icons, was inspired to combine the two into a megaphone-bike mashup, which the client loved.

For an organization that is all about taking up space on the streets, a bright palette was a must. I focused on a few combinations that really popped. The client eventually chose the second palette, with the bike in blue and yellow.

The final logo was refined with rounded edges to give it an overall friendly appearance and to contrast better with the blocky sans serif Oswald typeface.


DKS 40th Anniversary Logo


Visual Communication Designer


December 2018

DKS wanted a special version of their logo to commemorate the company's 40th anniversary. I developed a logo that emphasized the anniversary year with a touch of celebratory script font. The DKS logo boldly intersects with the zero for emphasis. This logo was used for both internal and external audiences, on print and digital media, and promotional items.


No More Freeways Logo


Graphic Designer


February 2022

After several years with just three emojis for a logo, No More Freeways, a Portland-based transportation justice non-profit, needed a new logo that reflected their evolution and growth. The client wanted a polished and approachable look with bold colors. I developed a primary logo and four other secondary logos.